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Cryptocurrency requires a unique approach unlike traditional markets such as equity/commodity and that’s where we bring years of expertise in blockchain research and managing digital assets.

Our fund is an ideal mix of projects from different sectors of blockchain such as Blockchain Infrastructure, NFT, Metaverse, Gaming, and DeFi. Considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, we don’t want to overly concentrate on a coin/sector and at the same time can’t afford to miss a high potential micro-cap project.

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Research Methodology

Our research methodologies include extensive social mining, analysis of project roadmap, team experience, tokenomics, github repository etc to zero down on a particular project. We actively rebalance portfolio on the basis of progress made by various projects and don’t hesitate to take profits to maintain a healthy balance between invested portfolio and cash reserve.

Our project selection process goes through 3 steps approach:

Watchlist: Post initial screening, a number of projects are included in the watchlist. We keep tracking the progress made by these projects.

Quantitative framework: Projects from the watchlist go through our proven quantitative model where each project is evaluated on multiple relevant parameters.

Final selection: Once a project passes our quantitative model, it is included in our portfolio. We further evaluate on the weight considering the diversification goal.

Return Potential

Cryptocurrency offers immense RoI (Return on Investment) with the right approach towards investment and extensive research. Cryptocurrency has proven to generate far superior returns over all other asset classes and is gaining attention of institutions of late. We anticipate similar trends over the coming years.

We have outperformed the crypto market as a whole over the past 4 years we have been managing a portfolio. Below is a comparative view of our portfolio returns.

RoI comparison Our Portfolio vs Other Markets


Return (2018-22)

CAGR (2018-22)

Our portfolio



Crypto market









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