Why Baryon Ventures and what service it provides?

Baryon Ventures is an Investment Management firm exclusively focusing on blockchain/ cryptocurrency. It is led by a team with over 30 years of combined research and portfolio management experience and over 10 years in blockchain space. We have gone through multiple bull/bear cycles in the past and have generated 30x returns in the last four years. This makes Baryon Ventures your ideal investment management partner.

How can I get started with Baryon Ventures?

The onboarding process is very simple and can be done with a few interactions on our website. Currently the onboarding module is being integrated. You can connect with us through mail/whatsapp to begin your investment journey today.

How much return can I expect?

On the basis of past performance trends and our quantitative and fundamental analysis, cryptocurrency has the potential to generate multifold returns over the coming years.

Is there any minimum amount I can start with?

You can start with as low as $1000 for the first investment. Further investments could be any amount.

Is there a lock-in period?

There is no lock-in of funds and investors are allowed to redeem at any time.

How can I redeem my investment?

Once you log in, you will get an option to redeem. You can enter the amount you want to redeem and we will process the same within a day.

Why should I invest in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, underpinned by blockchain technology, disrupts the traditional business models by removing the need for trusted intermediaries. Crypto adoption is rapidly growing and over the coming years, the impact of technology will reach into virtually every aspect of life and business.

Crypto has proven to generate far superior returns than other asset classes and is gaining significant adoption of late.

What is the fee charged by the company?

We charge a performance fee of 20% of profits computed semi-annually. Unless we generate profits for you, we will not charge any fee. Customers are charged a 1% management fee per annum which gets adjusted with the performance fee.

Why can’t I invest myself directly in the market?

There are over 20,000 cryptocurrency projects and crypto research is completely different from equity where financial numbers are readily available. Crypto research requires a completely different approach and some of the approaches are social mining, analysing the technology etc. A dedicated and professional approach can help navigate through the process and identify high potential coins.

We have come across many retail investors and witnessed that over 90% of them invest on the basis of social media trends/hypes which are mostly paid promotions and lose their hard earned capital. We also see most investors do not have a proper understanding/tool to manage security of their funds and are subjected to security incidents. With Baryon, we mitigate the risk substantially to build a safe and research backed portfolio.

Is crypto safe?

Cryptocurrency is too big to fail. There have been adoption across the world in various industries such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, entertainment etc. Number of users with blockchain wallets today are ~300mn and the market cap is ~1 trillion USD. Governments across the world including USA, Europe are trying to regulate considering the size and potential of the asset class.

What should be my overall exposure to crypto assets?

Considering the growth potential and adoption of cryptocurrencies, we recommend 10-20% of portfolio in cryptocurrencies. You can connect with one of our crypto experts for a free consultation on various aspects such as risk appetite, return expectations, and financial goals.

What is the impact of CBDC on cryptocurrency?

CBDC is nothing but digital Fiat currency and is not different from the existing digital payment options currently in existence such as Paypal or other payment applications. CBDC will have no negative impact on cryptocurrency, rather it’s positive for the market considering that it will increase awareness about digital assets.